About Mop of Destiny

What exactly IS Mop of Destiny, anyway?

Mop of Destiny is the story of Jack Scroggins, caretaker of the Palace of Westminster, and his completely unavoidable quest to defeat a suddenly-invading army of shadow creatures. Unfortunately for Jack, and likely the world, he is armed only with a mop and a standard array of janitorial supplies. Jack must fight his way through the underworld, taking out all of the creatures of shadow along the way (or at least giving them a good polish).

Who in their right mind would make a platform game about a janitor?

Likely, nobody. Mop of Destiny was created by Josh Jersild in about four months for Gamedev.net's Four Elements V contest in 2006 (eventually placing first in the competition). Josh, being a massive fan of Castlevania, opted to put his own spin on the platform game genre, which had never before seen the likes of the standard blue-collar hero (especially not plumbers).

What do I need to be able to play this so-called game?

Mop of Destiny requires a DirectX 9-compatible video card which can support pixel shader model 1.1 (NVIDIA GeForce3/ATI Radeon 8500 and up). Also, it being a DirectX game, it's Windows XP and up. It also requires a sound card. Joystick/gamepads are supported, but optional.

Seriously, I can't get past the first boss, what gives?

A lot of people have had trouble with the first boss of the game, so I thought I'd lay down a hint here. When he swings at you when you're near a corner, his swing doesn't go all the way down to the ground like it does on his other swings. You can duck under it to avoid getting hit.